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Welcome to St John’s Catholic Bible School: A year of fellowship and immersion in the faith

Are you looking for a different year …
… where you can dig deeper into Catholic faith and practice in a supportive social setting? Then St. John’s Catholic Bible School is for you!
In the fall of 2019 we are opening Scandinavia’s first Catholic Bible school, in the Sisters of Saint Francis’ cloister at Maria’s Minde just outside downtown Bergen.

Here you can
·       Spend a year of study in community with other Catholic young people
·       Take leadership training for working with children and youth
·       Learn more about the Church and the Bible on study tours to Rome and Israel
·       Get acquainted with the Church’s social ministries
·       Dig deeper into the personal and mystical dimensions of the faith
·       Get an introduction to Catholic ethics and philosophy

A year at our Bible school will give you space for personal growth in a pulsating school environment, where the pulse is the daily and yearly rhythm of the Church.

The forms of instruction will be varied, making use of the fantastic natural surroundings in and around Maria’s Minde, city walks in downtown Bergen, brief field trips and extended study tours. The community of fellow students forms a unique learning environment, and a variety of teaching professionals with unique qualifications are ready to do their best to give you an unforgettable year, with learning to last a lifetime!

Two different specializations
A year at St. John’s Catholic Bible School will equip you for work and service, both in the Church and in society. Our study programs give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in parish ministries. They give you valuable basic skills in educational ministry or administration and finance.

Children’s and youth catechesis
In this program you learn to teach and explain Catholic faith and practice, with a special emphasis on children and youth.
In addition to basic instruction in catechesis for children and youth, you will become qualified to teach the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS). This catechesis was developed 50 years ago in Italy, with inspiration from the Maria Montessori pedagogical method, and is today in use in over 40 countries.

Parish administration and finance
Do you see yourself serving as a parish secretary, or in some other administrative work? Then this study program will be just the thing for you.
In the parish administration and finance study program you will receive basic training in administrative and financial operation of a Catholic parish, and learn to function as a coordinator for work in a parish or in Catholic organizations.

Study tours
In the course of the school year the Bible school arranges at least one trip abroad and one in Norway.
The school will arrange a regular yearly study tour to Rome. Normally we will also conduct a study tour to Israel and the Palestinian territories. A study tour will also be carried out with an integrated pilgrimage to a pilgrimage site in Norway. The destination can vary, but will usually be Selja or Nidaros (Trondheim).

Live at home or in a student residence?
St. John’s Catholic Bible School does not have a dormitory. We can offer some students rooms in Mariaheimen at Florida near St. Paul Gymnas in downtown Bergen, or in similar student housing cooperatives. You can also choose to live at home, or in an apartment that you arrange privately.

Tuition, stipends and student loans
As a Bible school student you qualify for a full stipend and loan from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund (Lånekassen) (This pertains to Norwegian Citizens in general, Foreign Citizens only on certain conditions. More information here). You pay NOK 25,000 in tuition, which includes travel expenses for study tours.

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Questions? Contact us at bibelskolen@katolsk.no.